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Sexual Benefits of Exercise

Exercise has a number of amazing, life-changing benefits. It can help prevent depression, heart disease, and diabetes, and it can also fend off weight gain and improve circulation and lung capacity. However, it might surprise you to learn that exercise also sets the foundation for a healthy, happy sex life. Yep, the elliptical can do more than tone your derriere, it can also improve your relationship and intensify your orgasms. Here’s how:

Keep Things Circulating

Regular exercise boosts circulation, tones the body, and primes the brain for sexual satisfaction. It gets your blood flow pumping, which not only creates rosy cheeks, but also improves arousal: Lubrication, genital sensation, and the tingle of sexual excitement are all fueled by good blood flow.

Let Endorphins Bathe Your Brain

Exercise is especially beneficial for women, since it relieves stress and can clear the brain of mental clutter — and when it comes to women and sex, it’s all about the mindset. During exercise, endorphins bathe the brain, washing away tension and ushering in positive, empowering thoughts.

Balance Your Hormones

A regular exercise regimen will not only burn more calories, but it also releases endorphins, which lower cortisol levels and improve your feelings of well-being. In addition, exercise increases testosterone by adding muscle mass, taking your libido to new heights and improving your body image.

Make Menopause Easier

Research from the Mayo Clinic finds that practicing yoga can reduce hot flashes by 30% to 100%. Yoga teaches the body to relax: Breathing and heart rates slow down, circulation improves, and it also emphasizes mind-body control, which can reduce the severity and frequency of hot flashes.

Increase Your Confidence

In a recent study of women who successfully lost weight, 68% said they now considered themselves sexually attractive, while just 26% felt that way before their weight loss.  The change was evident in their sex lives — 63% said they felt self-conscious about being seen naked when they were heavier, while only 34% still felt that way once the weight came off.

Exercise and Sex Appeal

If you and your partner work out as a team, you will not only be more likely to stick with it, but you will also enjoy increased attraction to each other. As you get fit, you will both be able to look each other up and down and like what you see!

Get the Adrenaline Pumping

If you engage in a daring activity like rock-climbing or skiing with your partner, the adrenaline will mimic the butterflies you felt when you were first dating — so you and your partner will feel like new lovers all over again.

Try a Sensual Workout

Some exercise can also help you tap into your inner vixen. Sensual workouts like dance classes or burlesque classes will help you burn calories, all while awakening the temptress within you.

Sexercise in the Bedroom

Not only can exercise improve your sex life, but sex can actually double as exercise.  An energetic session can scorch calories and give you a full-body workout, especially if you incorporate plenty of positions and foreplay.

So what are you waiting for? Start sweating and reap the benefits of a hotter, sexier bod today!




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