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The Truth about Death, Loss, and the Taboo of Grief with Anita Moorjani

On this very powerful episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Berman talks to Anita Moorjani about the loss of her son Sammy and how her grief makes people uncomfortable. If you have ever lost someone you love or you are struggling to cope with grief, this is a must-hear episode that will bring comfort and clarity to your grief journey.

Moorjani has a unique perspective on death and dying, as she had a near-death experience in which she almost died from terminal cancer, only to be brought back to life and make a miraculous full recovery. (You can read about this amazing journey in Moorjani’s book, “Dying to Be Me,” which is one of Dr. Berman’s favorite books).

Having been to the ‘other side,’ Moorjani offers her wisdom and perspective about what happens we die and what we can do here in the present to cope with loss. And is it possible to find connection with people who have passed on, to communicate with those who are no longer with us in physical form? Moorjani thinks we can, but we have to be sure that we are vibrating at a high frequency and in a space of lightness and openness in order to be able to receive these messages from our loved ones.

Dr. Berman also delves into how difficult these past weeks have been. “Grief isn’t a straight line,” she says, explaining that while she had been previously feeling peace and comfort, she has lately been struggling with great despair. With Moorjani’s help, Dr. Berman explores these new depths of loss and offers guidance and light to anyone listening who may be dealing with the same pain and trauma. 

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