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How To Create Peace In A Country At War

Are you suffering from the post-election blues? Whether you are dejected that your candidate lost or angered that so many people are protesting the President-elect, this election season has been difficult for all of us.

In this time of divisiveness and dissent, it can be hard to feel connected to one another. It can also be hard to feel as though your voice matters or as though you have any personal power. No matter who you voted for, you probably feel as though there is conflict around every corner and as though you have no ability to make any positive change.

Here’s the good news. Quantum physics teaches us that all of that is false. Even in our darkest moments, we are all connected. Even at our lowest points, we have all power.

How can you tap into that power? How can you awaken that connection even during these times of division?

1) Understand where your true power lies. At the end of the day, our most powerful tool is not our brains, but our hearts. You might think it sounds crazy, but studies at HeartMath Institute have shown that our hearts have a powerful electromagnetic field around them that is 60 times greater in amplitude and 5,000 times stronger than the electrical activity produced by the brain! In fact, the energy of the heart is so strong it can be detected from even several feet away in any direction.

But what energy are you emitting? Bring awareness and intention to your energetic state if you want to start seeing change. Get in a state of home frequency (tips here) and make a commitment to get into this state whenever you feel threatened or angered by the political climate. You can still argue. You can still present your views. But when you do so in a state of home frequency, your words will come from a place of true power — a place of love, unity, and awareness. In fact, as I discuss in Quantum Love, one person in home frequency positively impacts 70,000 people in ego frequency.

2) Love more, think more. Don’t assume that I am telling you to abandon intellectualism in favor of love. Just the opposite. Love opens the mind to encourage improved cognition. Another study at HeartMath found that the brain’s alpha waves would increase in synchronization to a coherent heart. In other words, the brain’s activity changed as a result of its connection to the heart. The same study also demonstrated that bringing yourself into coherence through your heart center could increase cognitive performance. (Coherence is when you drop into that feeling of unconditional love and connection with all living things. It’s when you let love surge through you and out of you.) And, it turns out, a heart in home frequency makes your brain work better!

3) Don’t doubt your ability to use an open heard and an open mind to change the world. An ongoing research study led by the Global Consciousness Project has shown that landmark events make an impact across the globe. Since the late 1990s, scientists have followed random event generators (REG) that come up with numbers at random (REGs are sort of like a high-tech coin toss). You might expect that the numbers would be totally random, but amazingly, the researchers found otherwise. When a group of people came together with specific intention of impacting the REGs, the numbers were no longer quite so random. In other words, people were able to change the outcome of the future simply with the power of their minds.

I know—it sounds impossible. But, if you have read my book, Quantum Love, you know that it really is possible and that there is tons of exciting research going on right now in this field. In fact, research even shows that awareness and peaceful intention can even lower the national crime rate. A two-month long study in Washington D.C. found that when a group of dedicated meditators and peace practitioners came together and meditated as a group with the intention to create peace, crime rates dropped significantly. According to the World Peace Group, “Before the project, violent crime had been steadily increasing during the first five months of the year.

A week or so after the start of the study, violent crime (HRA crime: Homicides, rapes and aggravated assaults, measured by FBI Uniform Crime Statistics) began decreasing and continued to drop until the end of the experiment.”

I know some of this research is still new to many people, and it can be difficult for us to accept—not only because it is so amazing, but because it puts a lot of power into our hands. Protesting is important. Getting your voice heard is important. But peace is an inside job. And if you really want to create change, use the power of your mind, heart, and spirit. We are all connected and we are all impacting each other every day in incalculable ways. This means that we get to create the world we want. And, regardless of who you voted for, I know that we all want the same thing: Peace. Prosperity. Security. And, of course, love.

And it’s all ours for the taking…but it’s up to us to make it.

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