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7 Tips for Unleashing Your Inner Vixen

When it comes to seduction, it isn’t always to get in the mood or tap into your inner sexual power. Whether you are inhibited or insecure, doubts and fears can keep you from embracing your sexuality and discovering your inner vixen. Yet every woman has an inner vixen deep inside of her, an inner vixen that is dying to strap on a pair of stilettos and blow her partner away. It’s time to get in touch with that sexy, intelligent, magnetic woman. Here’s how:

Build your self-esteem. At what time in your life did you feel the sexiest? Was it on vacation when you were in a bikini on the beach? Was it when you were flushed with excitement and adrenaline after finishing a 5K? Think about what made that moment so powerful, and why you were so charged with confidence, then find ways to get back in touch with that sexy, confident woman, whether that means hitting the gym or getting a spray-on tan.

Take your time.  Keeping a hectic pace doesn’t just fry your nerves, it disconnects you from the present and dulls your senses to the world around you. Get back in your body by slowing down and embracing the sensuality of your body. Take a hot bath and rub creamy oil on your skin, apply a spicy red pout to your lips, or take the time to slip on a sexy pair of lace boyshorts in the morning. These little things can restore femininity to even the most hectic day, and it can help you stop and smell the roses…or the bath oils!

Do something daring. Routine isn’t sexy. Neither is predictability. Get out of your comfort zone by doing something completely spontaneous. Surprise your partner by showing up to his office at lunchtime for a little improntu afternoon delight, or go to the salon for a daring new style that is anything but predictable.

Dump the granny panties. If you are like most women, you probably have a drawer full of granny panties and stretched-out bras. You know that when you wear those underthings, you feel completely unattractive, yet you keep them around. But why? Life is too short to walk around in boring, ill-fitting underwear! Dump the old stuff and hit up an bra and panty sale at your favorite store. Pick attractive (but comfortable) styles like boyshorts, bikni cuts, and get sized for sleek, well-fitting bras to go with them!

Get a Brazilian. Nothing says sexy like soft, smooth skin after a shave, and a Brazilian can help you get the look without ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Your partner won’t know what to do with himself!

Do your Kegels. Kegels can improve genital tone and sexual response, all of which can make orgasms more intense for you and your partner. Isolate the muscles that you use to stop-and-start urine flow, and then clench and release those muscles whenever you are stuck in traffic or in a boring meeting.

Be bossy…in the bedroom. No one likes to be bossed outside the bedroom, but in the bedroom it can be sexy and erotic to take charge. Tell your partner how you want to be touched, and let him know that he is the key to your sexual pleasure.





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