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Five Ways to Get out of a Bad Mood Fast

It’s happened to all of us. One minute you are in a perfectly happy mood, the next you are irritated, upset, and even enraged. Whether it was because the cashier at the store made a nasty comment to you or because your kids disobeyed you or your coworker stuck with you a ton of work, it can feel impossible to stay in a good mood. Some days the world just seems to be conspiring against you…as if anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Here’s the thing: When you are in that type of mood, everything will go wrong. It’s like you are a magnet for bad experiences and negative interactions with people. It’s not just in your head. It’s in your energy. Quantum physics teaches us that this is true—that we are each responsible for creating our own reality.  So, was it your fault that lady was nasty to you at the store? Not at all. But what if your energy had been in home frequency when that remark was made? Her reply would have bounced off you like the old children’s rhyme—I’m Rubber, You’re Glue. It wouldn’t have made a marked impression on your mood. In fact, YOU might have been able to change HER mood simply by staying in that state of home frequency and unconditional love, by refusing to let her negativity change the way you were going to live your day.

That being said, bad moods are inevitable. They are going to happen to you. So here are five ways you can get out of a bad mood fast:

  1. I love to meditate when I feel the world crashing in on me. Sometimes when I am stressed or upset, my kids will even ask me: Mom, have you meditated today? They can tell a difference in a meditating mama and mama who is stuck in ego frequency. So whenever I feel myself getting angry or stressed or overwhelmed, I quickly make time to check in with myself, even if it is just for five minutes in the school parking lot before I go in and get my kids.  Check out some of my meditations HERE
  2. Have a mantra. It can be hard to let go of the stress and pain of the world. We cling to all that suffering like it is lint and we are the world’s lint roller. Don’t be the lint roller. Find a mantra that helps you to release, whether it is a yogic saying or a bit of poetry or even something your kid says. One simple idea is “Let there be a let go,” which is a Osho saying. It reminds you that you are in control and that the universe WANTS you to let go…you just have to allow it.
  3. Get outside. Nothing connects me to the vastness of the universe and the power within me (within all of us) like getting outside. Walk through a nature preserve. Journal at the park. Drive with the windows down if it’s your only option. Just get out of the house. Connect to the real, living world around you.
  4. Practice gratitude. Make it a game with yourself to find the silver lining in everything that irritates you. So your coworker left you with a ton of work? That’s rough, but it gives you a chance to impress your boss and show everyone your skill set. Your kids disobeyed? Frustrating, but it allows you to hone your listening skills and to slow down and pay attention to what matters.
  5. Home frequency. Of course, this is a huge one! Anytime you are ever stuck in a bad mood or a negative thought process, you just need to wade deep into that ocean of unconditional love and acceptance. When you are in home frequency and connected to your “Source” (Your God, whatever you prefer to call it), there is nothing that can ruin or mar your mood. You are so deeply in a state of grace and surrender that you are literally invincible to the trials of life. Bad mood begone!

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