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Can You Change Your Past?

Those of you who’ve read my newest book (Quantum Love) have heard this from me already, but I absolutely believe (and always have) that is possible to change our past.

When we heal ourselves and work on our own personal evolution, we heal not only our futures (and our children’s futures, per messages and energy we pass down) but we can heal our past as well. Whenever I explain this to a patient I expect a little push back. But almost immediately, each and every time, they try that idea on and it feels absolutely true.

Obviously, the idea that you can heal your ancestral line and change your ancestors experience as you change the present seems a little far fetched and hard to prove.

Well, results from the Quantum Physics experiment described in this article has come pretty close to providing some real evidence that what happens in the future can actually impact the past.

How in the world could something like that be possible? It sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but it all comes down to the fact that time can actually move backward, at least on our subatomic level.

The more we learn, the more we discover that we are not just passive observers of this universe, but we are co-creators. What we are ultimately learning from Quantum Physics is that by observing the universe, we are actually building it…and we are deciding our own realities.

Magic truly happens when we are each committed to evolving and growing toward the greatest expression of ourselves (forever perfectly imperfect and always expanding in one way or another).

Whatever you believe or don’t believe, I only ask this. Each time you face a challenge or a trauma or heartbreak or loss I want you to notice your experience of it; your thoughts and feelings but also the story you are telling yourself about what this says about you and you in relation to others. The circumstance may be new, but is the feeling familiar? Maybe a sense of abandonment, unworthiness, not being lovable enough (or at all), not being able to count on others? What’s the pattern that you may be in here? One of bad boys, needy men, cheaters?

In my experience, if there is a pattern, that was your decisions you make today can actually change the experiences not only of future generations, but past generations as well. You could build a reality that would heal your ancestors. Yes, you are that powerful. I strongly believe that we are all here for a specific reason, and that we each have important soul-work that we are here to accomplish. This soul-work isn’t just for own benefit, but the benefit of generations after us and generations before us.

So what reality are you going to build today? Go forth and create!

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