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The Truth About Triggers

On this episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman talks about triggers. You’ve probably heard the words “triggered” or “trigger warning” a lot in recent years. And, for good reason: As a nation we are becoming more aware of mental health battles and the importance of being compassionate and supportive when it comes to people’s ‘triggers,’ i.e. those hidden trauma wounds that can be opened up by certain conversations or experiences.

But in this episode, Dr. Berman challenges everything you *think* you know about triggers. She will teach listeners:

• The difference between being triggered and simply being irritated or upset.

• The value of paying attention to our triggers. While we have a knee-jerk reaction to run away from pain or discomfort, Dr. Berman says that our triggers often hold our deepest opportunities for growth and healing.

• Realizing that we sometimes use “triggers” as an excuse to avoid difficult conversations or moving out of our comfort zones.

• How we can learn our partner’s triggers and navigate those tricky waters as we support them without forcing them to accept help or healing before they are ready.

Make sure to tune into this timely episode so you can learn the truth about triggers and how you can better control as well as learn from your ‘trigger’ points.

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