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Talking to Your Kids about Sex

In this important episode, Dr. Berman gives tips to listeners on how they can raise sexually healthy kids. With so many teenagers having unlimited access to porn thanks to the Internet, Dr. Berman explains what parents should teach their kids about porn and why today’s porn can be so dangerous, especially for teenagers who are still forming their sexual desires.

First, a woman writes in asking Dr. Berman for help after her 9-year-old accidentally walked in on her husband giving her oral sex. What can these parents do to help ensure their child isn’t ‘scarred’ by this embarrassing incident? 

Next, Dr. Berman helps a parent who wants to know if it is okay to let her teenage daughter have her boyfriend stay the night. Is it okay to accept your teenager being sexually active or does that set a poor parenting standard?

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*Please note: this episode was recorded before the heartbreaking death of Sammy Chapman, Dr. Berman’s son. For resources to help you talk to your kids about the dangers of prescription pills and synthetic drugs, click here

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