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Size Queens, Faking It, and Fantasies: I Take Your Calls Live!

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” I am taking YOUR calls and giving love, sex and relationship advice live on the air.

First up, I talk to a caller who wants to know if it is normal for a man to fantasize about other women when he is being intimate with his partner. Is it okay to think about other people during sex or is that a form of betrayal and infidelity? And, if you need to think about someone else during sex in order to achieve orgasm, is that a red flag that you aren’t with the right person or your relationship is stale? Listen to the episode to find out my advice on what to do if your mind wanders during sex.

Next, I talk to a woman who says her husband doesn’t know what he is doing in the bedroom. Although he is a wonderful partner in many ways, he doesn’t have much experience. So, she’s been faking orgasm for years. How do you STOP faking orgasm once you have been doing it for so long, and how can you explain your subterfuge to your partner without hurting their feelings? And, more importantly, how can you teach a man how to pleasure you so that you both get to enjoy sex and have your needs met?

Then, I speak with a man who is worried about the size of his penis and wants to know if there is a safe way to make your penis bigger. After comparing his penis to the penises of men he’s seen in porn, he is wracked with insecurity that he is too small and that he will be rejected if he gets close to a woman. Listen to this episode to find out:

• Does size really matter?

• How can a man with a smaller than average penis be confident in the bedroom?

• And why porn can ruin your perception of actual intimacy

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