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Should You Be Friends with an Ex?

On today’s episode of the “Language of Love,” Dr. Berman is talking sex, love, and relationships with callers on Clubhouse.

First, Dr. Berman helps a woman in a 16-year relationship who is feeling like the stress of the pandemic is finally taking its toll on her marriage. She says that while she is a very intuitive and sensitive person, her partner is much more stoic and pragmatic. He often talks to her in a cold tone or in a way she finds hurtful, but when she points this out to him, he doesn’t really understand what she is talking about. How can a sensitive partner help their spouse understand that their tone and body language can come across as rude or aggressive even if that is not their intention?

Next, Dr. Berman helps a woman who wants to know if it is ever okay to be friends with an ex. What do you do if you want to stay friends with an ex-partner, but your current partner thinks it is inappropriate?

Then, Dr. Berman helps a man who was suffering in an abusive relationship for years before he reached out for help. Although we may not realize that men can be victims of abuse and harassment, this caller’s story proves that women aren’t the only ones who can be abused by their intimate partners. Although the abusive relationship has now ended, the ex is still stalking him and trying to harm him. What can he do to protect himself, and how can we better support male victims of violence? 

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