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Putting Love First, Even During Traumatic Times

On today’s episode of the “Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman talks to a woman who wants to know how she can prioritize and nurture her relationship, even as she is dealing with the great trauma and terror of knowing that many of her loved ones are across the world living in a very dangerous situation.  She wants to know: “How can you maintain physical and emotional intimacy when you are terrified for your family members who are living in a warzone?”

Dr. Berman’s advice is applicable for anyone who is grappling with loss and fear during this time of social upheaval. Prioritizing our love lives and maintaining intimacy can feel impossible and even shallow when there is so much pain all around us, but Dr. Berman helps reveal how safeguarding our bond and nurturing our relationship needs can actually serve us and helps us be of service in return.

Next up, Dr. Berman talks to a woman who wants to know how to tell when she is ready to date after a breakup. When is it time to put yourself back out there, especially as we slowly nudge our way out of the pandemic? How do you deal with feelings of anxiety and trepidation about dating again after heartache?

Then, Dr. Berman talks to a woman who asks what you should do when you and your partner have differing viewpoints on the virus. If one of you is pro-mask and pro-vaccine, but the other is afraid of the jab or is ready to stop wearing a mask and social distancing, how can you bridge that divide and ensure that you find a fair compromise that keeps you both feeling safe and respected? 

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