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Mindful Sex with Dr Cheryl Fraser

On this episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman sits down with Dr. Cheryl Fraser for an intimate discussion about ‘mindful sex.’

Dr. Cheryl Fraser is a Buddhist psychologist and a sex therapist, and she has spent her career trying to find ways to help people discover more joy, passion, and purpose in the bedroom.

On this episode, Dr. Berman and Dr. Fraser talk about what it means to have mindful sex, and how even people who don’t identify as spiritual can discover more meaningful and conscious sexual experiences. How you can peel away the boundaries and defenses you have built up in the bedroom that might be preventing you from having the passionate sex you so desire?

“To me, mindful sex is about being able to be fully in the moment. Fully present and fully vulnerable, allowing your partner to see you without any pretense or any false personas,” says Dr. Berman. “It’s not easy to switch into this state. But there are many easy ways we can start to learn how to shift into this openhearted state.”

Dr. Fraser discusses how we can have “conscious orgasms,” and how mindful sex can change the way we think not only about pleasure, but also about our connection to our partner and the universe as a whole.

“Mindful sex can help to heal us,” says Dr. Berman. “While many people often use sex as a distraction or even a form of self-harm, mindful sex offers us the opposite: A chance to use sexual pleasure as a way to awaken our consciousness and heal our souls on a primal level. Once you have mindful sex, you will begin to have more clarity and openness in your relationship.”

Listen to this important episode to learn how you can begin to practice mindful sex and get more out of your sex life.

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