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How to Turn Up the Heat this Valentine’s Day…Even if You’re Single!

Love is in the air! Whether you are single or coupled up, Valentine’s Day offer us a special opportunity to pause and celebrate love, romance, and passion. On this episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman will teach you how you can make this V-Day your most memorable yet, even if you normally approach the day with dread.

On this episode you will discover:

• Why Valentine’s Day is so much more than just a “Hallmark holiday”

• What gift(s) your partner REALLY wants for Valentine’s Day – surprise, it’s not necessarily jewelry or lingerie!

• The best date night ideas for V-day that are affordable and approachable for couples of all budgets

• How you can use Feb. 14 as an invitation from the universe to deepen your bond with your partner

• How to celebrate YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or with a partner

Listen in to this special Valentine’s Day episode and get ready to make this Feb. 14 as passionate and magical as you desire.

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