How to Get Over Your Ex

Heartbreak is often an unavoidable part of dating and falling in love. Even the strongest relationships will sometimes falter and fail, leaving us broken-hearted and wondering how we can ever get over the pain and move on.

On this episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman will teach you how to get over a breakup the RIGHT way, so that you can gain wisdom from the experience and move forward to new relationships without bringing baggage or having the same issues in the future:

• Learn how long you should wait after a breakup before you start dating again

• Find out why ‘sex with the ex’ can be so traumatic for you on a emotional and energetic level

• Discover how to energetically ‘release’ your ex so that you don’t feel as entwined with them

• Examine your role in the relationship’s breakup

• Find out why you may have a pattern of picking partners who routinely let you down

Often our romantic partners trigger our most deep-seated wounds, and when we break up, these wounds can feel very raw and overwhelming. In this episode, Dr. Berman will teach you how to honor that pain and grieve the relationship, WITHOUT clinging to the past and getting stuck in the ‘What if’s’?

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