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Healing through Yoga with Paul Denniston

On this very special episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman sits down with her friend and yoga expert, Paul Denniston. Author of the groundbreaking book “Healing through Yoga,” Denniston has personally helped Dr. Berman through the grief of her son’s death and showed her ways that yoga can help us to channel, heal, and process our deepest wounds.

Denniston is the founder of Grief Yoga and has built his practice around the five fundamental keys of healing: Awareness, Expression, Connection, Surrender, and Evolution. With each of these stages, yoga positions and meditations can help you to further your spiritual practice and unblock energy channels so that you can live your most fulfilling, love-filled existence.

In this episode, Denniston and Dr. Berman also talk about how anger can actually be one of our greatest teachers, and how tapping into our anger in a healthy way can help to free us from unwanted experiences and negative thought patterns. While we often run away from anger or try to deny its existence, Denniston and Dr. Berman both share how the expression of anger can be revolutionary for both personal and collective healing.

“We all need to share our stories. Being heard is one of the most fundamental needs of human beings,” says Dr. Berman. “And that includes anger. Grief can bring up so much anger, and I have times where I just need to beat a cushion with a bat, or scream into a pillow, and paint angrily until I can move that emotion through me. We need to honor our anger and give it freedom to move and be expressed.”

In his book, Denniston shares over 75 meditations and yoga positions that can help even beginner yogis tap into the connection between the body and the spirit. With yoga, we can train our bodies to be more resilient, more present, and more able to withstand the ebbs and flows of life.

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