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Getting Your Head Out of the Sand: A Talk with Marianne Williamson

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman sits down with internationally acclaimed author and lecturer Marianne Williamson.

Dr. Berman’s grief journey following the death of her son Sammy has been greatly illuminated and shaped by Williamson’s past works, such as “A Return to Love” and “Tears to Triumph,” so sitting down for an interview with such a beloved soul-guide has been a longtime plan of hers.

In today’s interview, Dr. Berman and Williamson talk about this incredibly difficult time that we are living in, and how crucial it is for us to stay present and engaged, rather than hiding our heads in the sand. How can you find your voice and help to promote peace and integrity when you just want to hide away from the ugliness of the world?

Williamson says we must start acknowledging our own power and refusing to be silenced.

In particular, Williamson believes that empaths and spiritually-minded people have a huge responsibility right now in helping to heal the world. She urges listeners to find a way to overcome the ‘overwhelm’ and tap into their amazing powers, because sitting by idly will only lead to further spiritual and physical destruction of our country and climate.

“The effects of love are maximal,” says Williamson. “We [need to] stop disengaging from the political system.”  

Dr. Berman and Williamson also talk about ‘The Course in Miracles,” which Dr. Berman is working through and which Williamson narrates for the audiobook. Listen to this inspiring episode and let Dr. Berman know your thoughts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. 

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