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Cheryl Strayed Talks about Her “Inner Terrible Someone” And Learning to Love Fear

I am so excited about today’s episode! I finally got to sit down and interview Cheryl Strayed, one of my favorite authors and a true inspiration for so many. Cheryl, of course, is the NYT best-selling author of “Wild,” which was later made into a beautiful Oscar-nominated movie.

Cheryl and I have known each other for years, and I have always been a massive fan of her work. Cheryl has a hilarious anecdote about the first time we met, which you will have to listen to the episode to hear, but let me just say, it ends with Cheryl asking me: “Laura, do I make you sick?”

HA! Not at all, girl.

This led us to talking about your “ITS”! This is Cheryl’s name for your “inner terrible someone,” that voice in your head that always offers up the cruelest self-criticism and narrates the worst possible version of scenarios. Sadly, we all have that “inner terrible someone” who is quick to heap on the shame, doubt, fear and self-loathing that keeps us from accessing our true worthiness and our true mission here.

On this episode you will learn:

• How Cheryl silences her inner critic when she’s writing and creating, and how other creative folks can use her wisdom to welcome their inner critics without fear

• How to access the wise, true, loving voice inside of yourself (yes, I promise, it is there! And it is longing to be heard and listened to by you)

• How we can heal from our negative thoughts while realizing that our “inner terrible someone” can also be a catalyst for growth and curiosity about ourselves

• How you can learn to love fear instead of repelling it, and how our “ITS” are a valuable way to connect with other people

Take a listen to this very special episode and let me know what you think!

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