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Breaking Down Barriers to Sexual Pleasure

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Berman helps people who are facing physical roadblocks on their journey to sexual pleasure, in particular women who are suffering the loss of desire and arousal due to menopause. 

 Dr. Berman first helps a woman going through menopause who is dealing with unpleasant symptoms like rashes after intimacy and difficulty reaching orgasm. She says she feels as though her clitoris is difficult to find and that things are dry and uncomfortable down there. Is diminishing estrogen causing her rashes and dryness? How can older women protect their sexual health when faced with these unique challenges? And how can you talk to your doctor about these sexual symptoms in a proactive way without feeling embarrassed?  

 Next, Dr. Berman helps a woman with lichen sclerosis who has extreme pain and discomfort during sex. Around 1 in 80 women suffer from lichen sclerosis, but it is most common among middle-aged and elderly women. This inflammatory condition can be very painful and it often takes a toll on a woman’s sex life. Is there any way to preserve sexual pleasure when pain makes you afraid to be touched? And how can she help her partner feel loved and desired even when sexual intimacy sometimes has to take a back seat due to her condition? 

 Even when sexual challenges can complicate your ability to reach orgasm or achieve pleasure, on this episode, Dr. Berman shows that is still possible to find treatments and options that can help to support your journey back to sexual wellness. Often this will require treatment, sex therapy, or talking to your doctor, but as Dr. Berman reveals, with small mindful changes, you can continue having passionate sex even as you age or face medical conditions. Most importantly, however, you have to continue communicating with your partner, and seek ways to keep that physical connection and romance alive, even when sexual intimacy isn’t always possible. There is no such thing as a ‘sexpiration’ date, as long as couples are willing to keep prioritizing sexual pleasure and working together to create great sex. 

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