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Beyond Sorrow: Nick Cannon Speaks about Life after His Son’s Death

It’s time for Part 2 of Dr. Berman’s intimate chat with television superstar Nick Cannon. On Part 1 of this special interview, Dr. Berman and Nick talked about everything from monogamy to sex toys to how Nick’s fear of germs keeps him going back to his baby mamas instead of finding new partners.

But, on this second installment, Nick and Dr. Berman tackle something much deeper and darker: The loss of Nick’s infant son, Zen, and how he is coping with that grief. Zen died of a brain tumor in December 2021 when he was just five months old. Since then, Nick has grappled with every parent’s worst nightmare: Losing a child. It’s a nightmare Dr. Berman knows well, as she also lost her son in 2021.

On this episode you will learn:

• How Nick and Zen’s mother have celebrated their son’s short life

• How you can stay connected to lost loved ones even after they are gone

• How you can present with grief without being overwhelmed by the waves of sadness and anger

• Why grief is such an important process that has so much to teach us about love and life

• How you can become better resourced to deal with your own grief

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