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All for Love with Matt Kahn: Learning How to Hold Space

On this episode of “The Language of Love,” I am joined by Matt Kahn. Matt is a empath, speaker, healer, and bestselling author of books like “Whatever Arises, Love That” and “The Universe Always Has a Plan.” I love Matt’s work and I am a HUGE fan of his books. That is why I am so honored and grateful he is sharing his brilliance on “The Language of Love.”

Today, we will learn about:

• Your “Third Eye”: Is there really such a thing as a third eye and what the heck is it?

• Trusting Your Visions: Matt shares his history of connection with the unseen world and how he has received messages from Source. How can you learn to trust messages from your angels or higher beings?

• Channeling Your Intuition: We all have spiritual gifts and we all have the ability to tap into the unseen and receive messages from the beyond. Yet, many of us don’t know how to trust that process or get of our own way. How can you start accessing this power and letting yourself be comfortable with the mystery of the unknown?

• Holding Space: How can you learn to be more compassionate and patient with the people in your life who are acting out or behaving poorly? How can you hold space for another person’s pain while still honoring your own right to be treated well? Matt teaches us how we can stand up for ourselves without getting caught in an argumentative back-and-forth with our loved ones that often goes nowhere.

• The Unconscious Masculine: Why our inner protector can actually block our path of transformation, and how we can switch into the part of our minds that does not speak from pain or fear. Matt illustrates how we can move beyond a predator-prey mindset and stop taking sides and getting stuck in our own narratives.

• How to Access Your Empath Abilities: Matt is a true empath can deeply feel and sense other people’s pain. If you are an empath as well, it’s important to learn how to use your abilities and also how to ground and protect yourself from low vibrational energy that could be destructive.

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