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The Book of Love

What does every couple want? A close, honest bond with their lover? Great communication and humor? Some romance? To feel loved, passionately, by their partner? A great sex life that keeps you both begging for more? The truth is that most couples aspire to have all of these vital components to loving relationships. But how do you get it and, more importantly, how do you keep your relationship fresh, vibrant, and sexy over the years?

Expert sex and relationship therapist Dr. Laura Berman teaches couples how to become connected, communicative, stable, romantic, and sexually-satisfied, as well as how to plan for a happy, intimate, and fantasy-fueled future together. The Book of Love provides an even split of sex and relationship advice, with the first part of the book offering relationship advice and the second part giving sex advice and technique. Dip into the book to find out the best communication and listening approaches. Learn how to find time together, talk about your sexual needs, use arguments to strengthen your relationship, and flip ahead to find a new position for Friday night. Discover how to create romance, seduce your partner, and share fantasies. Learn which sex positions and techniques to try when you want to increase intimacy, build passion, or experiment with role play.

Building on the Real Sex for Real Women formula, Dr. Berman's follow-up book has the same focus on practical content told in a warm, accessible tone. This time she speaks directly to both men and women, helping each to better understand and relate to their partner.