Nation’s Leading Sex Therapist Dr. Laura Berman Partners with Forta

Nation’s Leading Sex Therapist Dr. Laura Berman Partners with Forta
Dr. Berman joins forces with the company behind the popular, all-natural sexual enhancement supplements

A recent study found that sex gives meaning to life, with researchers at George Mason University finding that the positive impact of intimacy lasts days after the encounter, enhancing a person’s mood and fulfillment in life.

Dr. Laura Berman, the nation’s leading sex therapist, award-winning radio host, New York Times bestselling author, and frequent television guest on shows such as “The Steve Harvey Show” and “The Dr. Oz Show” says, “In my line of work, I have seen how a lackluster sex life can cause more than just unhappiness in the bedroom. It can cause depression, divorce and even feelings of low-self worth and lack of purpose in life.”

Dr. Berman says her efforts to improve couples’ intimacy have led her to partner with Forta, a sexual health and wellness company which manufactures all-natural supplements for both men and women. The line of supplements is each made with a powerful blend of natural ingredients and are available without a prescription or costly doctor’s visits.

The Los Angeles-based sex therapist says, “Part of the reason why I was so excited to work with Forta is that their products are safe, natural and beneficial for all couples. Whether you are looking to enhance your fertility, improve your sexual performance or increase your pleasure, Forta has a product that will meet you exactly where you are and help you to achieve those intimacy goals.”

Max Marion, Forta CEO, says, “Partnering with Dr. Laura Berman was a no-brainer for us. For the last 2 decades, she has been a leading expert in the sexual health sphere, and men and women alike admire her for her frank yet warm demeanor and her scientific approach to sexual pleasure. With her help, we hope to continuing growing Forta and bringing more fireworks to bedrooms across North America.”

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