Dr. Laura Berman Talk to Teens About Dating and Sex Audio CD

The best of the Dr. Laura Berman Show featuring creative techniques to communicate with your teen about sex. Gain effective tips on how to tackle tough subjects and comfortably talk to your teens about dating and sex. This audio highlight program teaches you how to talk to your kids about one of the toughest topics there is: Sex. Dr. Laura Berman guides parents through the awkward, but important, process of raising sexually healthy teens.

You’ll learn about the teen dating norms, the phenomenon of friends with benefits and how to help your child make positive decisions. Dr. Berman helps parents deal with sex in the media and on the internet. She offers strategies for helping teens develop a healthy body image. Includes detailed information about how to discuss virginity, safe sex and values with your child. Join Dr. Berman as she teaches you to talk to your teen about dating and sex.

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