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Reclaiming Goddess: A Women’s Workshop for Sexual Inspiration and Power

February 24, 2017 - February 26, 2017

Presenters: Laura Berman, Gabrielle Bernstein and Teal Swan

For all women.

Join three powerful healers for a joyful weekend to uncover how you can access and optimize the goddess energy within. Using guided meditations, intuition-building exercises, self-inquiry, and ritual, release shame and inhibitions and create a sense of union, safety, open-heartedness, and sensuality.

Every woman has a strong, intuitive goddess guide inside her. For many of us, our connection to that gorgeous inner force was interrupted at some point in the past. Whether this was due to negative experiences, messages, or images we received along the way, or came from a broken heart that left us closed off from our full expression, it’s time to reconnect with the sensual, powerful, healing force that is inside each one of us.

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