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Make Your Holiday Magical With This Simple Mindfulness Trick

“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” I was doing a little holiday shopping the other day, and I happened to overhear a conversation that stuck with me. “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas,” complained a young woman, shifting impatiently in line at the register. “I miss… Read more »

How To Create Peace In A Country At War

Are you suffering from the post-election blues? Whether you are dejected that your candidate lost or angered that so many people are protesting the President-elect, this election season has been difficult for all of us. In this time of divisiveness and dissent, it can be hard to feel connected to one another. It can also… Read more »

The Introvert’s Survival Guide

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introverts are those who get energy from spending time alone, those who ‘recharge’ with a good book, quiet time in nature, or solo activities like writing or drawing. On the other hand, extroverts crave time with other people, and a party or a concert makes them alive and… Read more »

Why Men Never Get Compliments–and Why That Needs to Change

Men, when is the last time that you received a compliment? Pause for a minute and really think: When is the last time that someone appreciated something about you, be it your appearance, your job performance, your parenting or even just your grill technique? Now, women ask yourselves the same question. I bet you are… Read more »

What to Do When Your Kids Have a Bad Day at School

We have all been there. It’s pickup time after school and your kid is walking out of the school with their backpack. Even before they get in the car, you can tell something is wrong. Their face is crumpled in a sour expression. They don’t smile or wave at you like usual. Instantly, your stomach… Read more »

The Top 5 Facebook Behaviors to Avoid at all Costs

Comparison is the thief of joy. Franklin Roosevelt What role does Facebook play in your life? If you’re like most people, it has a starring role. The average person spends nearly two hours on their social media accounts each day. Not only can Facebook be addictive, but it can also put your relationship in jeopardy–Believe… Read more »

What Not to Say to a Transgender Person

A judge just blocked a policy from the Obama administration which would allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender. The judge’s ruling is a setback for those involved in the battle for transgender rights, and it has left many in the community angered and worried for the future. There are several… Read more »

Emotional Infidelity on Facebook

Do you think there is such a thing as emotional infidelity? In other words, can you be unfaithful to your spouse even if you never physically cheat? I recently met with a young couple, Sarah and Kyle, who have been married for seven years. They have one child together, a two-year old boy named Logan…. Read more »