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Can You Change Your Past?

Those of you who’ve read my newest book (Quantum Love) have heard this from me already, but I absolutely believe (and always have) that is possible to change our past. When we heal ourselves and work on our own personal evolution, we heal not only our futures (and our children’s futures, per messages and energy… Read more »

How to Become Truly Free

“Freedom starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” (Brene Brown, paraphrased.) America celebrated her 241st birthday this week, and the special occasion made me consider more than just fireworks and grilling out. It led me to wonder: What does it really mean to be free? While we are fortunate to live in a… Read more »

Drunk Sex is Bad Sex

When it comes to ‘hookup culture,’ bad decisions and plenty of alcohol tend to go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s the Weeknd crooning about how he can’t feel his face or Miley and her Molly, it seems like plenty of lubrication is required before sexual escapades can begin—and by that I mean, social lubrication in the form… Read more »

Opening the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the home to our sexual energy. It is also the seat of our emotions. Someone with a balanced sacral chakra is warm, open, and friendly. However, they are also comfortable setting boundaries and requiring people to respect them. Sexually speaking, they will be comfortable with their sexual desires and secure in… Read more »

No, It’s Not ‘Hazing’: It’s Sexual Assault

Trigger warning: This blog will cover topics including sexual abuse and assault. Please proceed with self-care in mind. Hazing is a topic that we often see in the news these days. A teenager tragically died at Penn State University this past winter as a result of hazing, and 18 of his Beta Theta Pi “brothers”… Read more »

A Open Letter to Alpha Women

Dear Sisterfriend, I know what it is to be an Alpha Woman. I get you. You who feel guilty if the dinner dishes aren’t washed before you go to bed. You who cringe at your older, softer reflection in the mirror, and then feel ashamed for caring about your appearance when there are bills to… Read more »